August choral is a classical choral group that was founded by Mr. Winzammang Lamido Abraham, the Music director of the group which officially started at the beginning of the year 2019, with individual choristers that cut across different tribes and denominations, all coming together as a team of musicians to achieve a common goal. That common goal is to use their collective love for classical music as a pillar of praise unto the Lord.

The sole purpose of the group originated from a problematic Situation viz; wasted talents all around the country without a platformed opportunity for their voices to be heard and also to aid the state of congregational hymns in our various churches because they have been getting sloppy over the years. One of the dreams of the August choral is to raise resources and acquire musical instruments and studio space to aid the growth of their unique type of music.

The Choral has a vision, to stand as a strong advocate for classical music in places where it is not appreciated and to support with zealous advocacy, the spreading of Christian gospel through evangelism in places like hospitals, prisons, and orphanages. They hold their annual concert in celebration of classical music in August. The month of August was picked by the founder because it is a season of rainfall (blessings) and we want to key into it by allowing God to bless others through us. He believes that when it rains there is always a beautiful melody and the motion of the wind gives it a rhythm of movement. It is also a season of growth by mother nature, blessings, and favour from God.