The group was created by Engr. Dako Daniel Emmanuel who is a lover of music after seeing the need to unite music lovers within FCT-Abuja, to promote classical songs and our local composed songs.

The Shalom Choral is a non-denominational group but a group of music lovers across FCT-Abuja.

We are not just to put together pretty songs and worship choruses. We are to learn how to move with the Spirit of God, to learn to worship Him more effectively publicly and privately, to express Him more accurately in the gifts of the Spirit, to join together and lead the congregation together as one into praising and worshiping God so that His power might be released more effectively to meet the people’s needs and set them free through our songs.

The group name was gotten, after receiving a vision from Engr. Dako Daniel Emmanuel in the book of JUDGES 6: 24 “…Jehovah Shalom.”

12 members were chosen from various cities within Abuja to champion the group. They are the PIONEERS.

The group comprises 40 choristers,  patrons, matrons, spiritual fathers, a music director, conductors, and other officials.