Choir Awards Exclusive Rights Granted to The Licensee

RIGHTS GRANTS: Pursuant to this exclusive license terms, All registered Choirs who book down their Choir space for the Choir Awards and Participated in the show, has hereby granted the worldwide, exclusive, transferable, un-restricted right to use the Contents Materials in connection with the licensee’s Choir Awards event. The Licensee is hereby granted rights and may synchronize your choir performance content with other visual or audio performances of Licensee choice.

Licensee is granted unlimited distribution, reproduction, performance, video, online, re-editing, and radio rights under this Agreement. Licensee understands that the rights that are being granted to the Licensee in this agreement are exclusive and that the Licensor will have no authority and no rights to grant other parties the right to use the Videos Content of Choir on any Platform without a permit, in whole or in part that is being licensed in this Agreement. Licensor agree not to post online or advertise Choir Awards Content in any other forum or under any other name referred in this agreement as event, from all online site and websites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc.