The Church of Christ in Nations (COCIN) is a Christian denomination in Nigeria, It is a member of the World Council of Churches (WCC) and a member of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN). The Church was founded in 1904 in Plateau State. It believes in the infallibility of the Bible. Its headquarters is in Jos, Plateau State Nigeria. The COCIN worship session is incomplete without the choir as they play an integral role as singing ministers. There exist only one COCIN Choir in the world; we, however, differ only in our respective place of worship.

The COCIN CHOIR KUBWA is a ministering choral group of COCIN Local Church Council Kubwa under the Abuja Regional Church Council. The COCIN Kubwa started operation as a church sometime in 1996; the Choir in Kubwa is as old as the church itself.

During the 2021 Abuja Choir Award, about 51 choristers participated in the event under the Leadership of Rev. Shadrach Yusuf Panle.; The Choir Director is Mr. Kumben Benjamin and the Choirmaster is Mr. David Haruna; other supporting officials of the Choir are; Elder Joseph Dakup, Miss. Yankat Rimtip, Mr. Manasseh Yunnana, Mrs. Afodia Kambai, Mr. Bitrus Deme and Mrs. Palang Alpha. The Choir’s main performance is classical choral-symphonic repertoire.

The choir’s singers are highly committed and share a common idea of making music to the highest standards during worship service and they enhance worship. Many take vocal lessons privately, which contributes both to their personal artistic development and the overall quality of the choir.

The COCIN Choir Kubwa saw the Abuja Choir award as an opportunity to engage in televangelism with the aim of winning souls to the kingdom of heaven. It is also the wish of the Choir to grab the award prize which will go a long way in solving the Choir’s multi-facet financial problem.